“Look around and see what opportunities there are, and then learn about it. Educate yourself. The only risk in life is for the uneducated.” – Tim Thompson

In episode 50 of the RevThinking podcast, we listen in on a talk Tim Thompson delivered at PromaxBDA in New York on the Four Stages of a Creative Career.

In this talk Tim opens your mind to what’s possible when you start looking at the totality of a creative career. Most of us start out as an artist,  or an employee somewhere, or a freelancer; then we start our business. And then if we get to that point where we have people working for us and our name is on the door – and we’re making a lot of money – we think we’ve arrived.  We’ve reached the pinnacle.

Actually, there’s a lot more out there and this is what Tim reveals. It’s ultimately an encouragement for you to not sell you and your career short. There is much more that awaits.


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