Welcome to the consultancy for next-generation creative entrepreneurs. 

As a consultancy, RevThink comes alongside elite owners who aspire not only to produce great creative, but also run great creative businesses.

We believe creative must win. Therefore, our advice serves to help owners gain clarity, regain control of their businesses, and operate more profitably so they can unleash their greatest creative work.

Who We Advise

Our portfolio of clients is comprised of leading firms working in the fields of:

  • Motion Design
  • Live Action Production
  • Animation
  • Sound Design and Music
  • Experience Design

Depth of Expertise

To date RevThink has consulted creative firms located in more than 22 countries around the world, offering our clients unparalleled perspective, resources, and experience.


Every creative entrepreneur launches a firm with a dream of producing great creative to ultimately achieve fame, fortune, or freedom.

Although this work is essential, creative is not enough. As firms evolve and grow, they master not just one, but seven, overall areas of business.

This is where RevThink helps the best get better. We come alongside owners to build understanding, expertise, systems, and routines in each of these six Ingredients. Collectively, we call all these areas the 7 Ingredients of a Creative Firm™:

1. Creative

“The secret sauce.” The talent. The work. The results.

2. Production

Budgeting. Managing resources. Actualizing. Maintaining The Splits. Guiding clients.

3. Marketing

Positioning. Generating awareness. Stimulating interest. Powerful outreach. Building trust. Offering expertise.

4. Sales

Selling value. Repeat business. Outbound sales. Inbound sales. Pitching. Negotiating.

5. Finance

Measuring, reporting, and projecting money.

6. Operations

Business processes. Agreements. Legal. Facilities. Taxes. Talent recruiting and retention.

7. Entrepreneurship

Vision. Leadership. Asset growth. Exit strategy.


Within a consulting engagement, RevThink comes alongside owners of creative firms with US$2MM – $50MM in annual revenue. Our journey begins with an assessment of the business across all 7 Ingredients followed by a four-step process:

Clarify the owner’s Genius and goals.

Apply revolutionary strategies.

Implement systems.

Maintain routines.

Over time, this methodology and ongoing relationship produces dramatic results:

Regained control of the business.

Reenergized focus for the owner.

Increased revenue with bulletproof profits.

Valuable asset growth.


Although based in the US and Europe, our team travels frequently as we work alongside our clients. Our consultants are also widely recognized for their leadership and contributions to the industry.

Tim Thompson

Founder | Chief Revolution Thinker

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Joel Pilger

Consultant | Partner

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If your firms’ annual revenue is between US$2MM – $50MM, learn more about a RevThink consulting engagement by contacting us. Note: Appointments require an executed non-disclosure agreement prior to review of financial statements.


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